Planning Questions

Below are a few things to consider when trying to decide if you should hire a
a wedding coordinator...Most of all we want to make sure you can enjoy
your day by planning the details ahead of time and not worrying about them on the day!

• Who will run your rehearsal?

• Who will help direct guests to take their seat for the start the ceremony?

• Who will que the music and wedding party to start walking down the aisle?

• Who is in charge of getting the marriage license, unity symbol, programs.. etc to the ceremony?

• Who will attach corsages and boutinears?

• In the case of bad weather, what is the back up plan? We will help set up the back up plan?

• Do your chairs need moving from the ceremony to the reception?

• Who will help move any ceremony decor to the reception?

• Have you created a layout of the tables, chairs, bar, dance floor... that utilizes the space and flow?

• Do you need any other tables for misc decor or extra space for a photo booth, candy bar, misc decor?

• Do you need help creating the overall look of your wedding and tying it all together?

• Have you created a day of time line to hand out to your wedding party/vendors?

• Have you made a contact list of all the hired vendors, just in case you need to contact them on the day?

• Who is helping set up your table decor? Who will be taking these items home at the end of the night?

• Are you having guest favors that need to be set out?

• Who will be setting out your guestbook, card box, place cards, table numbers, yard games, smore's supplies, snack pails...?

• Who will light the candles? Who will start the bon-fire?

• Who will greet vendors and tell them where to go?

• Is your florist responsible for setting flowers on the tables?

• Does your DJ have the ceremony, grand entrance and dance info? Will they need to set up in two

separate places for the ceremony and reception?

• Do you have desserts being delivered-Do they know where to store them?

• Who will be setting the desserts out? Does your dessert table need any decor or platters/stands?

• Are you providing meals and a seat for your vendors? (Dj, photographer, planners, officiant....)

• Are any final payments/tips due to vendors on the day of? If so, who will be handing these out?

• Does your caterer clear your dinner plates/glassware?

• Do you need to provide ice storage?

• Who will make the coffee and cut/serve desserts?

• Who will help load up gifts/cards, collect table decor, misc decor and flowers at the end of the night?

• Are you providing bug spray, sunscreen and a bathroom supply basket for your guests?

• Have you arranged a shuttle or a safe way for your guests to get to a hotel or home after the reception?