Rental Terms:
Prices are quoted for weekend rental (Thursday after 9:00am-Monday 12:00pm), with customer pick-up and drop off from Plymouth/Minnetonka). Items must be returned by 12:00pm the Monday after your event, or they will be considered late. Covered transportation must be used when hauling furniture pieces.

Rentals under $500 require full payment, to reserve for your date. Rentals over $500 require 50% deposit and the remainder is due 30 days before event.  A 3.5% service charge will be applied for all credit card charges.

If we are unable to fulfill the rental terms, due to damaged product, or items not being returned by a previous customer, we will make every effort to find a suitable replacement, including working with other vendors. If we are unable to find a suitable replacement, a full refund of the rental fees will be given.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
After payment has been received, no refunds will be given for cancellations. Items may be switched pending availability, but your payment is non-refundable once it has been received.

Damage Deposit:
Rentals returned late, damaged, or excessively dirty will be subject to fees. Credit card information will be held, and only charged in the event described above. Full retail value will be charged in the case of damaged items. Mason jars & lanterns being used with candles must use a votive glass holder or a tea light candle. Plates returned dirty will incur a $2 fee per plate.

Rustic Decor Rental

(Prices and quantities can be seen via desktop view)

Make decorating easy with our Rustic Decor! Our items are broken into different categories shown below. Click on the photo/link for category options. To place an order please email us the item numbers you are interested in with respective quantities and we will check the availablity. All items may be picked up the Thursday before your event and are due back by Monday at noon.